In recent years, China spacecraft has a big development and has obtained great achievements. Penta laser supplies first laser equipment to ShenZhou Spacecraft series.  Now we are the cooperation enterprise of  China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

As early as 2007, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology selected Penta laser from dozens of laser equipment suppliers and purchased a set of high power laser cutting system.This system is placed in Beijing, mainly used in the development of ordinary rocket manufacturing. In the using process, the whole system is quite stable and efficient, the product accuracy is very good to meet the needs of rocket manufacturing, and get the recognition of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. 


In 2010 they re-open tender, Penta laser won the bid again.At present, this equipment is placed in Tianjin's large launch rocket R & D and manufacturing center, and become an important part of China's Academy of Launch Vehicle R & D manufacturing system. 


It is understood that "Tianzhou I" is China's most important spacecraft, it carries more than 6 tons of fuel and materials flying to the "Temple II" space laboratory, it has a high demand for the Long March 7 rocket carrying capacity.


The Penta laser cutting system played an important role in the Long March 7 rocket manufacturing process.High precision, high speed, high quality processing features of laser equipment show unique advantages in metal processing.

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