From the beginning of reform and opening up in 1980, China's first foreign industrial investment projects appeared in the elevator industry ---China Schindler Schindler investment opening, the introduction of foreign advanced technology to China elevator. Thereafter, Otis, Mitsubishi,Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitec, Germany's Thyssen, Finland, Japan, the United States, KONE and other world famous elevator company has invested factories, all the world's eight major elevator manufacturers in China. 

In 2007 the country has more than 410 elevator machine business, accessories business also has several hundred, made elevator installation maintenance permit companies to reach 5277. The end of 2007 the amount of China's elevator has been close to or likely to more than 1 million units, while in 2007 China's annual output reached 216,000 elevator units, accounting for half of the global new elevator market, China won the "world's highest capacity elevator manufacturing base . 

As the world's leading elevator manufacturer of advanced elevator technology into China, but also the introduction of advanced processing technology in China, laser processing technology is one of them. Currently in the elevator industry more applications are laser cutting, Laser Marking and laser measurement.

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