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Laser cutting is a developing technoglogy in recent decades years, compared with the traditional cutting process, it has a higher cutting accuracy, lower roughness, higher material utilization and production efficiency and other characteristics, especially in the field of fine cutting, it has better advantages that traditional cutting cannot match.

Laser cutting  focus the energy to the tiny space, and use high-density energy for non-contact, high-speed, high-precision cutting .

In the home appliance manufacturing process, there are many sheet metal processing and parts, and the shape is complex and process is more difficult, and in the processing it requires a lot of tooling and mold to ensure the quality of processing.

The laser cutting technology in the electrical industry can not only effectively solve the above problems, but also to improve the quality of the workpiece processing, saving processing and processing costs, shorten the product manufacturing cycle, reduce labor and processing costs, and greatly increase the working efficiency.

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