Since 2000, with the sustainable development of national macroeconomic, automobile industry has entered the fast development period. As an important part of the world's car industry, China's auto production ranks the fourth in the world currently. In addition, the world's major multinational companies have entered China, and increase investment continually, especially the car markets. Under the country’s strong support, many key enterprises enhance cooperation with large foreign companies gradually.


Laser cutting is good controllability of non-contact processing, has cut fast, narrow kerf, cut finish, deformation micro, small heat-affected zone and high efficiency characteristics. Today's laser cutting, has not only limited to two-dimensional plate processing, more used three-dimensional cutting.

Laser welding in the automotive industry has become a standard process, a lot of the body so that a new generation of laser welding cars in reducing weight but also has better security. In addition, the transmission gear is gradually to replace laser welding electron beam welding and other technology to become mainstream.

Laser drilling is particularly suitable for processing fine hole, such as Germany SITEC industrial technology company (SITEC) in cooperation with the world's most advanced laser manufacturers, to be completed less than 0.2mm in diameter and a depth of 7mm hole processing.

Laser quenching have minimal deformation, smooth surface, no oxide produced other advantages. Martensite and fine grain available after laser quenching, the hardness after quenching than conventional hardness which increased by 15% to 20%, hardened layer depth of about 1mm, the heart unit remains the original organization, so after laser quenching the surface layer of high hardness, good wear resistance; low core hardness, toughness, fatigue strength and can be increased by 30% to 50%.

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