Sheet Metal

Laser cutting is a technological revolution and processing center of sheet metal processing. Based on the existing problems of traditional sheet metal cutting machine, the demands of laser cutting are growing too. The advantages of new type sheet metal cutting technology are as following:

● Good flexibility, fast cutting speed, high productivity, short production cycle, one-time molding;

● Narrow cuts, good cutting quality, high automation, easy operation, low labor intensity and no pollution;
● Automatic blank layout and jacking improve material utilization, no tool wear, good material adaptability;
● Low costs, good economic benefits.

Laser processing technology can save large use of molds, shorten production time and reduce costs, which is conducive to various low-volume production and mass production.

Laser cutting machine is widely used into metal fabrication industry. It can cut mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and other metal materials.

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