3D-Robot System

Classification:3D-Robot System

3D-Robot System can be customized based on clients'demands. Tel:+86 27-8173 6331 Tel:+86 27-8745 7235


3D Robot Cut can be customized based on clients' reqirements.

This system is modular based with high flexiblility for cutting complex geometry parts in batch that requires high cutting quality and high consistency.

This system is designed according to European standards and integrated with tooling, optical beam safety enclosure and suction device etc.

Optional sensor system (for seam tracking and process sensor) is available to guarantee the online reliability and consistency.


If you have any requirement for Laser Welding, please feel free to contact us, we have professional welding team to supply solution for you.

Penta Chutian Laser (Wuhan) Co., Ltd (Overseas Department)

Tel:+86 27-8173 6331

Tel:+86 27-8745 7235

Email: candy@pentachutian.com

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