First 10KW Laser Cutting Machine Launched in India (Jan 2018)

Penta Laser (Wenzhou)Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of Electronic Engineering S.p.A(El.En)Group of Italy, has revolutionized the laser world with its first ever 10KW laser cutting machine. The company has launched the 10KW machine in India at IMTEX FORMING 2018.

Advantages of non-traditional cutting technologies are well known today. However, owing to better benefits-lower power consumption, lower processing tolerance, lower noise pollution etc.-laser cutting is considered a preferred choice.

Higher the power of laser cutting machine, better is its capacity to cut thicker materials and more its ability to increase productivity in thinner materials. Thus, as popularity of laser cutting is growing, machine suppliers are trying to provide more power to their products. Globally, so far 8KW was the maximum power available in the laser cutting machine.

Surpassing the benchmark

Recently, Penta Laser (Wenzhou) Co., Ltd, an Italian-Chinese company in China, a subsidiary of Electronic Engineering Spa (El.En)Group of Italy, has launched the first 10KW laser cutting machine in India market.

“It is among the highest laser power technology in the world to date,” informed Candy Lee, Sales Director, International Sales Department, El.en.

Raj Reddy, CEO of an Indian partner REIN-TECH, pointed out, “While the entire world is busy with 6KW laser cutting technology, we are the only company displaying 10KW technology”.

While talking about the impact of the launch of the latest high power technology in India, Lee said, “As most of our customers are mostly exposed to 6KW capacity or less, they are quite impressed by our high speed and high performance.”

Penta Laser is increasingly enhancing its fiber laser cutting machine’s capacity. Now with this 10KW machine, the productivity of the Indian manufacturers will grow manifold, and the quality of the outputs will be much better. An internal assessment by the company shows that the use of the 10KW machine will make the cutting process five to six times faster than that with a 1 or 2KW machine.

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